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meet lezadi


Lezadi had a humble beginning half a decade ago in Bahrain 2011 as the "The Creative Hub". Lezadi has been was engaged in chemicals and mineral trading and distribution. Over the years, we have grown steadily, increasing the breadth of our clients and depth of our knowledge in helping them.


We envision to impress our clients as we build relationships instead of just doing business. We strive to understand their requirements and assist them in any way we can. We envision forming long term relationships which easily surpass mere business relationships.

why our clients choose us


Our location enables us to source chemicals from the producers around the globe and deal with time zone differences efficiently. 


Our small size ensures that all of our  clients are very important to us and we are able to work on your requirements very efficiently.


We have a relatively decent sized network in Middle East, Sub-continent, and Africa which provides us on the ground access to end users. 


Despite its humble beginnings Lezadi has developed an impeccable reputation for meeting standards of quality.

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